Development Plan

Persian steel industrial group, founded & utilized in 2008, produces all kinds of steel products such as billets, steel bars & rebars, Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets. The complex is located in the side of Qazvin-Zanjan highway, 18 kilometer passed Takistan.
This complex has a steel bar production unit with nominal capacity of 350,000 tons per year. A contract for billet casting and found project will be signed soon with one of the world’s trusted technologies. The entrepreneurship of this project after finishing all of the other projects which their primary researches have been done, would be 2,500 persons directly and 20,000 persons indirectly.

Below you can find company’s main projects:
  • Establishing billet Casting and found plant and also establishing material transmission system, water refining system, oxygen & neutral gases producing plant, chemical & mechanical equipment laboratory, dust removing system, an area for collecting iron scrap, natural gas station, electric post…
  •  Establishing iron pellet plant with yearly capacity of 2,500,000 tons per year.
  •  Establishing sponge iron plant with midrex method with capacity of 800,000 tons per year.
  •  Establishing Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets plant
  • We invite all of the EPC engineering companies, activating in the above plants to assist & cooperate with us. The billet Casting and found plant is in priority.
  • Persian steel main needs are as follows:
  • -Engineering & Construction services regarding steel structure of production saloons including casting and foundry, billet stock, raw material stock including iron scarp.
  • -Engineering & Construction services regarding civil issues of casting and foundry plant.
  • -Engineering & Construction services regarding space constituent.
  • -Engineering & Construction services regarding designing & construction of Gantry crane with capacity of 200 tons.
  • -oxygen unit plant supplying, chemical & mechanical equipment laboratory, and needed cranes for casting and foundry unit.
  • Persian steel secondary needs are as follows:
  • -consultancy regarding extraction of iron stone mines especially in Zanjan for producing iron concentrate.
  • -supplying high quality hot rolled coils of 2mm thickness from world’s famous producers.
  • -Engineering, Construction and consultancy services regarding sponge iron production plant using midrex method.
  • For more information please feel free to contact engineering department.